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Mobile Security

IDC Opinion

The most challenging aspect of supporting an always-connected, on-the-move workforce is securing mobile users’ dataand overall device usage activities. Poor security and support for mobile devices can leave businesses exposed to a range of breaches and intrusions. This makes trust a critical factor when choosing a mobile operating system and platform to deploy for a workforce, especially at a larger scale. To that end, Android has inherent security strengths built into the platform, coupled with powerful vulnerability and malicious app discovery cloud-based services (such as Verify Apps and Google Play Protect). IDC believes the Android OS, with its array of device-level and platform-based security safeguards, can meet enterprise security requirements for mobility across a wide range of use cases and deployment scenarios.

Other IDC Insights

  • Overview

    Digital Transformation

    As organizations rush to digitally transform themselves—using technology to solve problems in new and innovative ways—a cornerstone of this transformation is mobility. IDC considers Android a strategic platform for digital transformation because it successfully addresses three key pillars of mobile technology adoption: underlying security, solution breadth, and usage/management balance.

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  • Pillar 2

    Solution Breadth

    New business processes and opportunities are creating demand for different mobile device types beyond traditional smartphones and tablets. However, determining what device is best suited for a given business environment poses a significant challenge for enterprise IT departments. Read how Android solutions can help.

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  • Pillar 3

    IT & User Experience

    User resistance is the most-cited reason why personal devices aren’t enrolled in enterprise mobility management systems. But any mobile platform is only as useful to a business to the extent it can be managed while also being accepted by users. Read how Android achieves that balance.

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The Android Difference

Android offers multiple layers of protection from the hardware and OS up through malware protection via Google Play Protect and management APIs. Google SafetyNet and Verify Apps protects over 1 billion Android devices with built-in endpoint security services, anti-virus, and protection for lost and stolen devices. Learn about how these systems work, and how to best incorporate them into your enterprise and applications.