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Solution Breadth

IDC Opinion

Mobility has undeniably transformed the modern business landscape and continues to drive unprecedented innovation at a global scale. To keep pace and remain competitive in today’s markets, enterprises are deploying a host of new mobile devices and solutions to accelerate their business strategies. Now more than ever, the flexibility of the platform and ecosystem that power these devices is a critical consideration for deployment given the complexity of challenges IT must navigate. IDC believes the Android platform not only provides businesses with granular flexibility across broad mobility fronts, but also represents the world’s largest variety of mobile devices. The global ubiquity and accessibility of the Android platform allows enterprises to choose from an unparalleled range of devices to provide the right device to the right user, enabling their workers with the tools they need to remain productive, and businesses with the solutions they need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Other IDC Insights

  • Overview

    Digital Transformation

    As organizations rush to digitally transform themselves—using technology to solve problems in new and innovative ways—a cornerstone of this transformation is mobility. IDC considers Android a strategic platform for digital transformation because it successfully addresses three key pillars of mobile technology adoption: underlying security, solution breadth, and usage/management balance.

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  • Pillar 1

    Mobile Security

    Perception and instinct may influence some business technology choices, but data and facts ultimately drive better decisions. And the data and facts on Android security line up in favor of the platform. Read why.

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  • Pillar 3

    IT & User Experience

    User resistance is the most-cited reason why personal devices aren’t enrolled in enterprise mobility management systems. But any mobile platform is only as useful to a business to the extent it can be managed while also being accepted by users. Read how Android achieves that balance.

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The Android Difference

Android offers the world’s broadest mobility hardware ecosystem. Android works with over 400 OEMs around the world who develop Android devices. This breadth of choice means you can find the right solution tailored for your business. Only Android provides a platform that can work for all form factors, providing an intuitive and consistent user and management experience. Learn the fast and easy way to confidently select, deploy, and manage Android devices and services best suited to your business and security needs.